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Hi! I'm an animation graduate from the UK, getting stuck into making some games. I have a few projects on the go. :) I can be contacted for business purposes at the following email address: pepperpunkdesign[at]

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I've just uploaded Buccaneer... a game of oldschool piratey goodness:


The game is essentially a narrative RPG with multiple endings and a strong "choose your own adventure" style of gameplay, similar to the gamebooks of old (anyone read fighting fantasy or lone wolf as a kid? or am I just an old codger already? >_>) and browser games such as Kingdom of Loathing.

To liven things up, it also includes lots of fights including 4 different extremely hard boss battles at the end of each of the game's four different endings (lots of replay value with this one!), as well as lots of little jokes and things to do scattered around the game.. you can spend the entire game getting drunk in taverns if you want, or you can try to complete all the miniquests, find all the items, or unlock all the endings. Since it is an open-ended exploration game, it's a kind of sandbox for the player to explore and have fun with, and hopefully everyone will have fun going through the game multiple times to dig up all the little secrets and easter eggs that are hidden in the game.

Another feature I'm quite happy with is the choices you can make... you can be a mass murdering tyrant, slaughtering crews of ships, sacking cities, or you can play benevolently, showing mercy and only attacking the more evil characters in the game. This affects your reputation score, which is used for your final ranking once the game is complete and for *one* in-game reason only.. which I will keep a secret for the player to run into themselves!

I put a lot of effort into every aspect of the game, with hand-sketched artwork throughout as well as all the animation and code, as well as extensive playtesting of the gameplay with a gaming group and the excellent feedback exchange group on FGL. While it might not be to everyone's taste, the people who do like it should hopefully *really* like it.

Anyway, have a play through the game and let me know what you think in the comments below!


- pepper :)

Buccaneer! released.

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